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WORX WG508 Blower Review

If you are looking to take the work out of clearing your lawn or driveway of leaves and other materials, then the WORX WG508 Blower Vacuum Mulcher 12.0 Amp may be the answer. There is nothing worse during the cooler months than having to endlessly clear up fallen leaves, twigs and assorted detritus that has been blown in to your yard, and it can be back breaking having to use a brush or garden rake to clear up the mess. Thankfully, with items such as the WORX WG508 Blower Vacuum Mulcher 12.0 Amp those hard laboring days are at an end.


The WORX WG508 Blower Vacuum Mulcher is capable of providing a blowing speed of up to 240mph for superior clearing strength. In addition to which, the device comes with a vacuum function and a specially designed chisel shaped nose tube for those hard to reach places. As its name suggests, the device is also capable of mulching the material it collects thanks to its 16/1 leaf mulch ration and accompanying mulching back with a 1.5 bushels capacity. The device comes with a cyclonic blower tube that has been designed to provide even better air flow, and the device has been designed especially to provide much more power when blowing or vacuuming. The WORX WG508 Blower Vacuum Mulcher also comes with a metal impeller for better and finer leaf mulching, and the two speed options allows for more control when clearing large or problematic areas.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

There are a number of benefits to using this blower/mulcher, with the most obvious being that it takes the effort out of lawn and yard clearing. However, it is also easy to operate, lightweight and not difficult to move about. The mulching feature is a useful option for those gardeners who want to convert the leaves they collect into feed for their plants and flowers.

The Cons

No device is perfect, and there are a couple of minor niggles with this particular blower, the main one being that the vacuum function is not as powerful as the blowing function, and it can have problems collecting wet leaves from the ground.


Despite one or two minor drawbacks, this is a blower/mulcher that can take away the time and effort associated with clearing a yard or garden, and it is certainly worth a look if you are looking to buy budget blower.


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