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WORX WG175 Cordless Edger Review

There is a wide variety of lawn edgers on the market at the moment, and one of the foremost units is the WORX WG175 32-volt Lithium MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger. It is a cordless grass trimmer, with a 32 volt lithium MAX and wheel set. This is a product that is admired by many homeowners who wish to have a neatly trimmed yard or weed free driveway.


The WORX WG175 32-volt Lithium MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger comes with a blade which boasts a 12 inch cutting diameter, which is sufficient for dealing with large lawns.

Due to the fact that this unit uses a rechargeable lithium battery, noise is thankfully is kept to a minimum, which gives it a distinct advantage over gas powered lawn edgers that can be very noisy to use.

The edgers 32 volt cordless max lithium battery produces sufficient power that allows it to run for a very long time without the need to keep recharging the battery. This allows the gardener to accomplish his yard trimming task in less time and without need of charging in between edging.

Durability and Assembly

The WORX WG175 32-volt Lithium MAX Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger comes with an instruction and assembly manual that makes putting the unit together a breeze. When it comes to durability, this is a well made product constructed from tough plastic and metal, whilst still being lightweight enough to be handled without too much effort.

Operating the Device

Thanks to its 12 inch cutting diameter, this is one edger that really takes the chore out of edging and trimming. Plus, because it is cordless, this edger will allow you to carry out your gardening duties without having to worry about accidentally cutting the power cable, or becoming tangled up with the extension cable. The unit has a quick-release lever that makes it much easier to adjust the height of the device for better control and comfort when operating. The head of the unit is easily adjusted to convert it from edger to trimmer with just a simple and speedy turn of the head, which will lock it into its new position.

Because the device weighs in at a mere 6lbs it is a lightweight and maneuverable unit that takes the time and the effort out of trimming and edging.


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