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If you are a keen gardener and love to work in the yard, then you will probably already know about the different types of garden machinery and lawn equipment, but if you are new to the world of gardening and yard work, you may not know your push mower from your trimmer. And for those seasoned yard and lawn enthusiasts, you may learn a little something too!

Lawn Mowers

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Lawn mower buying may seem straightforward, however, there are many different types of lawnmower available, so it is vital that you take in to consideration the size of lawn that you have. A push mower is a manual powered mower or you can choose a self-propelled mower, powered by electricity, gasoline or batteries. It is important that you select the right one.


  • Manual push mowers take more effort, however, they cost less, are better for the environment and save you money on your bills.
  • Battery powered mowers are also good for the environment, but will need to be charged from time to time.
  • Mowers that run from the main electricity supply (corded) are useful, however, you will have the problem of the power cable to deal with.
  • Gasoline powered mowers are quick and powerful, but they are also noisy and give off fumes, plus they need a constant supply of gas.


Other things you will need to think about before finalizing your purchase of a lawnmower are features such as whether the machine allows you to adjust the cutting height of the blades, or whether it comes with a bag to collect the cuttings, or whether it has mulching capabilities.

Cutting width is also an important factor, especially if you have a large lawn to cover. As a rule of thumb, the average cutting width of lawnmowers is between 18 and 22 inches, and the wider the width the less time it will take to cut your lawn.

Other Garden Machinery and Lawn Equipment

Depending on where you live and the size of your lawn/garden, you may well be in need of other items of garden equipment.

Lawn Trimmer/Edger

One popular item is the trimmer/edger. This tool is of great use for trimming the lawn in those hard to reach places where a lawnmower just cannot reach. They are also good for dealing with weeds, and for cutting the edge of your lawn for a nice neat appearance.


Some are dedicated just as string trimmers and just as lawn edgers, or you can get a product that is 2-in-1, both a lawn trimmer and edger, like the Black&Decker LST220 or the Husqvarna 128DJ.

Husqvarna 128DJ String Trimmer

Other items of garden machinery that you may find useful include hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and chain saws, but these will depend on just how big your lawn or garden is and how much greenery there is to deal with.

Hedge Trimmer


Hedge trimmers are really helpful tools as they make quick work out of trimming your shrubs, and your yard looks nice and neat afterwards. Powered trimmers cut much more accurately than hand powered hedge trimmers. They cut clean and really fast, saving you tons of time and energy in shaping up your shrubs and small trees.

Chain Saw

Not everyone needs a chain saw. But it is nice to have one on hand when you need cut something larger, like a big limb or even a tree. Nice thing is there are a bunch of chain saws out there that are gauged for the size and type of job. There are small ones for quick limbing and bigger ones good for tree management and cutting up firewood.


Leaf Blower

Hitachi RB24EAP Handheld BlowerEveryone needs a Leaf Blower. Probably the handiest and most used of all the lawn tools out there. It has so many uses, very versatile. Great for cleaning up the lawn after a mow. Awesome for getting leaves up in the Fall. And really fantastic for quickly cleaning a garage, shed or driveway.

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