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Lawn-Boy 10734 Kohler Mower Review

If you are looking to take the effort out of cutting your lawn then the Lawn-Boy 10734 Kohler Electric Start Self Propelled Gas Walk Behind Mower could be the answer. This is one mower that comes with many features that are easy to use, and its excellent cutting performance can make quick work of long grass and large lawns alike. Lawn-Boy has been manufacturing lawn mowers for decades, and this particular mower comes with their patented Tri-Cut cutting system for a superior cutting quality.


Designed to give you an easier lawn cutting experience, the Lawn-Boy 10734 Kohler Electric Start Self Propelled Gas Walk Behind Mower comes with a powerful Kohler gasoline powered engine, which has easy push button starting. Because it is self propelled, there is much less effort needed to cut grass, even if that grass is a bit on the long or dense side, and because the machine is rear-wheel drive, there is much better handling and maneuverability in tight areas and uneven ground.

The cutting system provided by this mower gives you the chance to choose from bag collection, mulching or side discharge. Plus, if you opt for the grass collection option, you will find that the bag easily attaches and detaches from the machine, whilst being big enough to cope with larger quantities of cuttings.

The durable 21 inch steel deck is both durable and lightweight, and it houses Lawn Boy’s patented tri-cut blade, which helps to provide an excellent cutting and mulching capabilities.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

The main pros for this machine include the easy push button electronic start feature, which does away with the need to pull at a starter cord. Other advantages include the ability to choose between mulching, side discharge and bag collection, and the bag is large enough so that you don’t have to keep stopping to empty it constantly.

The Cons

The main problem with this mower comes when you attempt to cut your lawn when it is damp or the grass is quite long. Wet and long or dense grass can cause a significant amount of clogging, and this will require you to keep stopping to remove the bunged-up mass of grass cuttings that accumulate under the deck.

In Conclusion

As good as this mower is it is certainly best suited to lawns that are dry and flat, and you will need to keep your grass short in order to avoid clogging. That being said, this is still a good mower, and it is made by a reputable company.


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