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Husqvarna 450 Chain Saw Review

Despite the nearly unpronounceable Swedish name, the Husqvarna 450 chainsaw is ideal for homeowners, home improvers, and indeed anyone working on a less-than-industrial scale. Boasting a 3.2HP gas-powered engine, it has more than enough power to match any task in the home or in the yard. It can go through brush or tree branches like a hot knife through butter, and while it isn’t designed for industrial forestry, it can still be used effectively for dealing with yard-sized trees. Unless you’re trying to use it for industrial forestry, power won’t be a problem. Better still, it does all this on surprisingly little fuel. Husqvarna claim that their X-Torq engine cuts fuel consumption by up to 30% and emissions by an impressive 60%.

Ease of use was also clearly a priority for the designers. The starting switch is numbered to remind the user of the order in which to perform the start-up steps, many of which are combined into the single SmartStart switch anyway, which toggles both the engine power and the choke, reducing the risk of flooding the engine. The transparent fuel gauge means that you can check on your fuel level at any time, many of the components are designed for easy adjustment during work, and the inertia-activated chain break reduces the likelihood of injury during a kickback. The cord pulls easily, and the light weight of the saw makes it easy to use for long periods of time compared to some of its weightier competitors. The Husky 450 weighs in at not much over 11 pounds, and its ergonomic, vibration-damping design means that it feels like even less, even when used for a long day of yard work. Like I said before, perfect for homeowners and home improvers, especially those who don’t use their chainsaw very often but don’t want to have to read the instruction manual over again every time they want to trim some trees.

For all those upsides, are there any downsides? Well, the saw doesn’t come with its own hard-shell case, only a protective cover for the blade. If you want a case for your chainsaw, that will cost extra. That said, the saw is built sturdily enough to survive a bit of rough treatment. The manual can also be somewhat confusing, although Husqvarna have a series of instructional videos on their website covering the use and maintenance of their chainsaws, as well as general chainsaw safety.


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