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GreenWorks 24322 Blower Review

When looking to take the effort and time out of clearing your yard of leaves and assorted debris, you need to consider the benefits of the GreenWorks 24322 DigiPro G-MAX 40V Cordless 185MPH Blower/Vac. This is a battery powered blower and vacuum that can make quick work of dealing with leaves, twigs and other detritus that can accumulate in your front or back yard or driveway.


There are a number of features that come with this particular model of blower and vacuum and the 40 volt lithium-ion battery provides a much longer operating time than you might expect from a battery powered garden tool.

The GreenWorks 24322 DigiPro G-MAX 40V Cordless 185MPH Blower/Vac provides up to 185 mph of blowing speed that will help you to quickly tackle the debris in your yard, and there is a variable speed control for extra power when you need it. It can push through 340 cubic feet of air per minute as well as having a 10 to 1 mulching ration, which is ideal for those people who want to create fine mulch for their yard. A collection bag comes with the blower and you will be able to mulch up to 3 bags of leaves between battery charges.

Features at a glance:

  • Comes with a 40-volt 4Ah battery plus charger
  • Up to 30% more torque and 70% less vibration
  • Long-lasting G-MAX 40-volt lithium-ion battery system
  • Adjustable speed that offers up to 185 mph to make the cleanup of major debris easy and efficient

Pros and Cons

The Pros

No gasoline means no messy refueling or oil changes, and no harmful and toxic emissions, giving you a much better and quieter operating environment. Also, there is a simple electronic start system that allows you to start the device in seconds, and switching from blow to vac does not require any conversion tools.

The Cons

The battery life is not great when using the device on maximum power constantly, and the vacuum is not as powerful as some people might like, and it struggles to suck up larger leaves and twigs.


If you are looking for a quiet and environmentally friendly leaf blower/vac then the GreenWorks 24322 should be one that you take a closer look at, as it has the advantages of a gas powered blower but without the noise and accompanying emissions.


List Price: $187.99
Sale Price: $169.19
(as of 03/27/2017 06:30 UTC – Details)

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