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Black & Decker HH2455 Hedge Trimmer Review

If you are in the market for a new hedge trimmer, the Black and Decker HedgeHog HH2455 is one hedge trimmer that should be on your shortlist. The product comes with many great features, who desire a well trimmed and fancy looking garden.


When it comes to purchasing a trimmer, the first thing to look for is how sharp and efficient is its blade, and the Black & Decker Hedgehog trimmer doesn’t disappoint in this area. This is thanks to its 24 inch dual blade with an extended reach, which assists with fast cutting. When it comes to controlling the trimmer, this is one piece of equipment easy to control.

The equipment is known for its light nature in the hands and does not require a lot of effort when doing the trimming chores. This makes your work in the lawn easier, allowing you to carry on trimming for long periods of time without getting tired. In terms of time convenience is that since, the machine has got an extended blade, it works faster and finishes the job in half the time that other trimmers would have taken.

One downside this is one trimmer that is fairly noisy to operate, so it is not ideal for trimming your hedge at early morning or late in to the evening, not if you wish to avoid annoying the neighbors.

Comfort, Durability and Reliability

This trimmer is mostly made from fine metal as compared to plastic, this gives it the beneficial stature of being durable, and with the ability to withstand trimming environment. This also makes it very reliable, and it has been designed for comfortable use thanks to its rubber handle.


There are a number of great features included with this particular model of hedge trimmer, which includes a rear handle that rotates to allow for much easier sculpting and cutting of your hedge. The modern in-line design of the motor ensures brilliant control and balance, which also helps with precision trimming. The 24 inch length of the cutting blade makes it easier to reach those hard to get places, and the blade is strong enough to cut branches that are up to ¾ on an inch in thickness. Plus, this model comes with dual action blades, which help to reduce vibration by as much as 40%, making hedge trimming much less of a chore.


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